Supernatural is an American TV series starring Jared Padelecki(Dean in Gilmore Girls) and Jensen Ackles. It is one of my favourite TV shows of all time. It is about two brothers Sam(Padelecki) and Dean ( Ackles). These two brothers are not like any brothers you have ever seen. They have a really strong bond. This may be because they fight demons as their job or it may be that their father always left them alone together as children. Well in the last sentence I kind of ruined the plot. Sam and Dean fight demons. That is pretty much the entire show but there is dozens of twists in their personal live. I would recommend it to anyone over the age of twelve as there is quite a lot of murders and curse words and references to sex. At the moment they are showing season 7 on the television but I am behind and around halfway through season 6. If you are going to watch it you have to watch more then the first season and half of the second season because they are quite boring but it reaches its peak at season 3 and stays there until
season 7. So if you have no staying power then dont watch it. Bye

Hey guys. Today’s post is going to be about a new breed of YouTube talent. Most famous YouTubers out there are American such as nigahiga, Fred, raywilliamjohnson and so on. But I’ve found more YouTubers who are only known by YouTube staplers like myself. And guess what they are all from Britain. Captaining the team is Bath native Charlie McDonnel or charlieissocoollike. Charlies fame came when his video titled “how to get featured on YouTube” got featured. He has now branched out of just vlogs and has released a solo album and released two albums with his band Chameleon Circuit who play songs about Doctor Who. In this post I’ll talk about two other member of chameleon circuit: Alex Day AKA nerimon and Liam Dryden AKA littleradge. Alex Day and Charlie are really good friends and live together in London. Alex is the same type of YouTuber as Charlie but for more adult audiences. Liam is a David Tenant look a like( another post about doctor who look a likes coming soon) who is also a vlogger. The next one is famous on YouTube for his love of nintendo. PJ AKA Kickthepj has less followers then Charlie or alex but that’s because he has a very niche type of videos. I would recommend checking all if these guys out and also a few others that I’ll list below:

So I hope you enjoy watching these guys as much as I did. Bye

Just a short post about recommending my favorite bands
The Original Rudeboys

Their a band from Dublin who started in March. I got to go.

Well it’s back to school time for people in Ireland. Christmas was fun, as was New Years but now it’s back with a vengeance. The most hated word in the English language. School. Hated by kids everywhere, the only reason some people like it is because of friends and fun. I totally agree that school is fun because of your friends but the thing I find annoying is the waking up extremely early and the boredom that follows the early awakening.

In my opinion school hours should be changed. Instead of having half days on Wednesdays they should take an hour off the timetable in the morning and add a half hour to the end of each day.

My second point is that they should lengthen the breaks we have in school. In my school we get a twenty minute break after four classes and then a forty minute break for lunch. If they could give us an hour long break halfway through instead of two breaks it would be helpful.

That will be all. Goodbye

I hate glory supporters. For people who don’t know glory supporters are people who change the team they support when somebody else starts winning. My prime example is the increase of people supporting Manchester city since they started winning the league. The glory supporters are usually children who don’t live in a footballing nation such as Ireland.

Another example is the increase in Barcelona supporters in Ireland and England due to the champions league win. This is disgraceful people should choose a team they like not a team that’s winning. I’m a devoted Manchester United fan and I was shocked to see one of my good friends changing teams from united to city. That’s what I like to call disloyalty. I am so angry so I think I’ll stop or I may explode. Bye

Everyone has had their say in the old tea or coffee debate now it’s my turn. I don’t know why people make such a big deal about the battle to be the best hot beverage. In my opinion there both equal. I like both tea and coffee and I know some of you tea-ists or coffee-ists will be annoyed and want me to pick one.

Tea has it’s advantages.
1. It makes you less hyper then coffee
2. It tastes better
3. Good to dip biscuits in

Coffee also has it’s advantages.
1. It keeps you awake if your trying to stay awake
2. Perfect for breakfast

So I suppose I have to say Tea is better then coffee. Sorry coffee lovers out there but tea is better. The list proves that so I’ll see you tomorrow.

I have been collecting snowglobes from different countries for a few years now. Whenever anyone I know goes abroad I ask them to get me a snowglobe. Over the years I’ve collected eleven snowglobes. I have snowglobes from three different continents: Europe, America and Africa. I have one from England, two from France, two from Italy, one from Belgium, one from Turkey, one from Egypt and two from Hawaii.

This is just a quick post because I don’t have much time today.

Hi guys. I’m just posting to tell you guys about the best show ever. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Over the summer there was a double bill of it every morning and I was addicted straight off. For christmas Santa gave me the first four seasons of it. Will Smith is the funniest actor in the world in this show. The show is about an african American living in west Philadelphia and then his mom sent him to Bel Air in Los Angeleles. This is a very rich and posh area and Will is from the “hood” as they call it. The show follows will and his uncle phil,aunt vivian,the butler Jeffrey and wills cousins carlton,Hillary and Ashley. It was broadcast back in the ’80s and has a great theme song. Watch the video for it here

This show is Will Smiths first big part and he performs spectacularly. Everyone watch it NOWWWWW. Random Fact of the day is there are 6 million parts to a boeng 747.

See you later. Bye

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The Annoyance of Steve Wilkos

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With the purchase of my new 40 inch LED TV. Saor View has added more channels to the 8 channels we had already. My favourite channel out of the new ones is 3e which is full of TV shows like Steve Wilkos, Jeremy Kyle and Dr. Phil. I was watching Steve Wilkos this morning and there are quite a lot of crazy people in America believe me. Like today there was a woman who beat her son for five years and made him sleep in piles of trash and taped his mouth shut and locked him in a closet when he was 6 MONTHS OLD. There was also a 14 year old girl who actually wants to be a teenage mother. She bought a ton of baby clothes and accessories for the baby she wanted.

I just think it’s crazy that there are so many weird people in America. They all need a lot of help and going on TV is not going to do that. If you had a problem would you want the whole world to know about it. So this is day 3 of my long struggle to postaday victory. See you later.

My Christmas

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Well as most of you know it was Christmas recently. And the traditional way of celebrating Christmas is by exchanging gifts and for children getting gifts from “Santa”.

Santa if you dont know is a big man who lives in the north pole and travels around on christmas eve delivering presents to the good children and giving coal to the bad ones. He wears a big red suit and a red hat. He flys around on his sleigh which is guided by his flying reindeer.

This year I got a lot of great presents. I didn’t ask for much but I got what I wanted and then some. My main present this year was a table tennis table.

20120102-114257.jpg I didn’t ask for this present but I was happily surprised when I saw it in the TV room on Christmas morning. My other presents included basketball shoes, seasons 1 to 8 of That 70s Show, the first four seasons of fresh prince of bel air, a golden state warriors jersey, a new basketball, ankle weights and lots of chocolate. That’s how my Christmas turned out. What about you? What presents did you get? Leave a comment below